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Page Summary: Renvick Resurfacing asphalt company offers seal-coating and line painting services for commercial parking lots in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield and surrounding eastern Wisconsin. For Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh and northern Wisconsin our concrete pavers provide asphalt paving and sealcoating for asphalt pavement. We also do driveway sealing, concrete crack repair and asphalt repair for Madison, Janesville, Jefferson and neighboring central WI communities.

Parking Lot & Road Maintenance

Professional Results with Less Down Time

Road Repair & Maintenance

Most companies just want to get your project finished as cheaply as possible. We take a different approach with your project.

At Renvick Resurfacing, our top priority is getting your work done quickly so your parking lot has less down time … but NOT at the expense of quality!

From the very first time you contact us we focus on YOUR goals and needs for the project, not ours. We then provide a simple, honest assessment of EXACTLY what it will take to get the job done … no more and no less! … and thoroughly answer all of your questions.

We promise to arrive and start your project on time, and to complete your project when agreed. And should anything outside of your or our control compromise our completion date, we promise to keep you fully informed of our progress until your project is completed.

Here is a detailed description of our various asphalt paving and seal-coating services.

Blacktop Sealcoating

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Asphalt parking lots play a critical role in the value and efficiency of your property. That’s why we provide FREE periodic inspections of your parking surfaces, along with assistance in helping you budget and schedule necessary pavement service and repair.

Our proven paving techniques and high quality sealcoat materials provide blacktop with an outstanding resistance to water seepage, oil spills, sun oxidation, and other damaging elements.

Other benefits include:

  • Curb Appeal. Your parking lot is one of the first things your customers or tenants see. By sealcoating your blacktop, you can ensure a positive first impression by making the appearance of your property top notch.
  • Save Money. The Pavement Coatings Technology Center at the University of Nevada conducted a study showing that maintaining asphalt with sealcoat every three years saves an average of $152,500 for an average sized commercial parking lot over a 15 year span.

Asphalt Repair & Patching

Asphalt repair

Damaged areas of your parking lots and roadways can be considered as liability issues and are definitely important concerns, but that doesn’t mean that repaving or other major scopes are necessary! Our proven asphalt patching techniques enable the cost effective repair of these particular problems. Some of the more common asphalt patching services we perform include:

  • Garage Wedges
  • Potholes
  • Alligatored Areas
  • Low Spots
  • Drainage Problems
  • Catch Basin Repairs
  • Culvert Repairs
  • Asphalt Curbing

Replacing these small sections early is one of the best ways to extend the useful life of your existing asphalt surface.

The Asphalt Repair Process:

  • Step 1. Identify and prioritize the broken, failed, or liability areas.
  • Step 2. The damaged areas are then cut square and excavated.
  • Step 3. We install the Asphalt at an average compact depth of 3 inches.
  • Step 4. Lastly, in order to improve bonding with the surrounding existing asphalt, all edges are sealed with asphalt emulsion.

For parking lots or roadways that require a large amount of patching, asphalt milling - or scarifying - is also available. These processes use specialized milling equipment that cuts down on excavation time.

Extending the Life of Pavement with Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing

Cracks in your pavement allow moisture from rain, snow, salt, and ice to penetrate and erode your parking lot. As these harmful substances infiltrate into the pavement, the cracks will get worse and eventually cause potholes.

Potholes that do not get repaired will chip away and become more of a severe issue. This quickly becomes a severe liability as potholes are trip hazards to customers, tenants and employees.

Crack sealing is the easiest way to extend the life of your pavement. Sealing gaps in the pavement will dramatically stop the seepage of harmful substances and will prolong your investment and the life of your pavement.

  • First, we use pressurized air to clean out all the cracks.
  • Then we use a grazing wheel to clear out vegetation and other impediments. If there is an over abundance of vegetation, a Taffa torch may be used.
  • We will then seal the cracks by applying a hot rubberized joint sealant.
  • To improve adhesion to the pavement surface, we apply a light aggregate material to the hot rubber.

Line Painting & Striping

line painting

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic is controlled by the use of pavement markings. This also ensures maximized parking for customers, tenants and employees.

Crosswalks, parking lot stalls, arrows, and other markings such as stencils create an efficient parking lot and roadway for your property. Stencils can be customized and used as a great way to advertise and enhance your brand!

To discuss your project and get a FREE QUOTE, contact or call Renvick Resurfacing at 920-287-1910.

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